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We work with our Sellers to get them the highest and best price for their business. We always strive to maintain confidentiality with your business

Business Evaluation

We'll prepare a valuation of the current value of your business. We utilize three different methods of valuations. All business valuations are based on the same calculations used by lenders and financial institutions.

Marketing the Listing

We have an in-house marketing team that includes a  photographer who utilizes all of the latest in 360 imaging, drone photography, video, and stills. We also have a graphic designer who will prepare the brochures, floor plans, videos and photos to be used in your internet listing and social media.

Working with Offers

We are always aware of the need for confidentiality when selling a business.  Any inquiries that we receive regarding the sale of your business will require a non-disclosure agreement to be signed before we release any pertinent information.

Once we receive the signed NDA, we will have a complete information packet ready to send out that will include all of the necessary information a potential buyer will need.

We are also able to also prepare a letter of intent for any offers that are received.

If you have any questions about Selling your business please reach out to us by filling out our contact page.

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